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As a baker, you provide some of the most delicious treats in town. Yet, even the best bakers are only as good as the supplies they stock. American Paper and Provisions can partner with your bakery to ensure that you have all the supplies you need to successfully run your company.

Whether you are a major commercial bakery or a small local operation, we have the right bakery supplies, packaging, food, equipment, and print that can help you establish your brand, serve your customers, and keep your business running round the clock.

Personalized Consultation and Service

At American Paper and Provisions, we understand the value of healthy business relationships. That is why we take extra time and effort to get to know your business so that we can provide you with the right products.

When you call us, one of our consultants will visit you onsite, sit down with you, and go over all of your options for how we can help your business grow. We carry an extensive line of products specifically designed for bakeries, such as:

  • Ingredients
  • Packaging
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Beverages
  • Equipment and utensils
  • Merchandise
  • Tableware

We carry an extensive selection of products with the option of free next-day delivery. We have expanded our selection of wholesale supplies and commercial equipment to include janitorial and brand-name shelf-stable foods.

We can go over your business, your brand, scheduling deliveries, your supply needs, and your workflow. We can recommend the right products that are perfect for your bakery. We offer next-day delivery on qualifying orders as well as a complete line of food service products suited for your business operation.

We can also offer consulting advice on the state and local regulations governing the use of eco-friendly packaging in your municipality as well as current green packaging trends. Our specialists will make recommendations on new packaging to make sure that you have the right material for any new projects. Feel free to contact us to make sure you have the right material for your packaging. We’re here to help!

Order Your Bakery Supplies Today!

American Paper and Provisions is committed to providing you with superior restaurant products that you can count on. We are here to answer your questions, help you choose the right products, or expedite your order.

To find out more about our products and services, contact us today at (626) 444-0000 x7010 — Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PST. You can also email us at We will rush a sales consultant out to meet you at your business to discuss your food packaging needs.

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    BAG PAPER #12 KRAFT 7X5X14 500/BD
  3. Item #


    BAG PAPER #12 WHITE 500 500/BD 7x5x14
  4. Item #


    BAG PAPER #2 WHITE 500/BD 4x2x8
  5. Item #


    BAG PAPER #4 WHITE 500/BD 5x3x10
  6. Item #


    BAG PAPER #420 SQUAT 8x5x16 KRAFT 500/BD
  7. Item #


    BAG PAPER #6 6x4x11 KRAFT 500/BD
  8. Item #


    BAG PAPER #6 WHITE 500/BD 6x4x11 500/CS
  9. Item #


    BAG PAPER #66 1/6 BBL KFT 12X7X17 500/BL
  10. Item #


    BAG PAPER #8 6x4x12 KRAFT 500/BD
  11. Item #


    BAG PAPER #8 WHITE 500/BD 6x4x12 500/CS
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    BAG PAPER 1/4 CON KRFT 250/BL 12x7x23.25
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